Wee Hur Development Parc Botania Next to Seletar Mall

One of the most talked about private sector housing developments in Singapore, Parc Botania is one of the modern jewels of the real estate boom in Singapore. Located in a former fishing village called Sengkang (which is located in the North-East region of the Asian nation), the residential development is one of the top end housing developments being created under the ambitious development plans of the country’s Housing and Development Board. The property is being developed through a collaboration between two of the country’s leading real estate firms; Sing Property Development and Wee Hur Development. These companies agreed to create a special purpose vehicle for the purpose of bidding for and developing the Parc Botania Sing Development area.

Wee Hur Development Parc Botania Near Seletar Mall

The new company was named Fernvale Green Property Limited. The laws of incorporation in Singapore were duly obeyed and the share capital of SGD 4,000,000 was issued. The new company submitted a bid to the country’s housing and development board and was awarded the development rights to the area with a winning bid of $287.1m.The Parc Botania Condo is being designed as a series of high end condominiums for the upper middle class, upwardly mobile populace. It is set to feature about 605 different housing units.

Sing Development Parc Botania Condo Fernvale Road

The Parc Botania Thanggam LRT Station is a 99-year lease hold private development. It is under Sengkang District 28 municipal authority and is flanked by Fernvale Road and Sengkang West Way area. It is situated on a parcel of land measuring 17, 196 square metres as the site area and 51,588 square metres as the land’s total gross area. The number of blocks and stories is still being evaluated while the total number of units is expected to come to a grand number of 605.

Parc Botania Thanggam LRT Station

The development is located on a prime piece of land in the heart of the area’s housing district and shares close proximity to a lot of important places as well as its accessibility by various modes of transportation. One of the best features of Wee Hur Parc Botania which is sited within the heart of the new Sengkang urban renewal projects will be its proximity to places of interest. It is also close to some very good schools such as the Pei Hwa Secondary School, Sengkang Green Primary School as well as the Nan Chiau group of schools.

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