Queens Peak Queenstown Shopping Centre

The Queensway Shopping Center is one of the oldest shopping malls in Singapore, it opened in 1976, and is located in Queenstown, Singapore. It is also one of the first multi-purpose shopping malls in Singapore.

Queens Peak Queenstown Shopping Centre

The Queensway Shopping Center Queens Peak is made up of four levels and includes a one story basement car park.This mall is unique in that there is a thirteen story apartment building, Queensway Tower, incorporated in the floor plan.

Queens Peak

The Queensway Shopping Center offers a variety of products, but focuses mainly on sporting goods, such as shoes, tennis rackets, other sports rackets, and sporting apparel, as well as leftovers from last seasons male fashions. They are well-known for their low prices; even on name brands items like sneakers and jerseys. This shopping center may not be the hottest and latest items in fashion, but they their items are a steal at these low prices. The Queensway Shopping Center even offers tailoring services right there in the mall. They offer a selection of eateries that offer real, authentic Singapore food, a state of the art seafood restaurant and quick snacks and other more.

Queens Peak MCC Land

The Queensway Shopping Center is a large, older mall with a variety of stores in Singapore. They offer an amazing variety of foods, as well as every name brand sneaker and other sporting goods and apparel. There is even an apartment tower!

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