Parc Riviera near Clementi Mall by EL Deveopment

There is a lot of shopping to be done in the country of Singapore. The 312 Clementi is a mall that is about to open. It is up and coming and will be in the neighborhood of Clementi. This shopping center will be in walking distance from the Clementi MRT Station near Parc Riviera condo so it will allow easy access to both local shoppers and will allow residents in the area to get everything that the need. The mall will also have a number of different places to eat at as well as discount and retail stores.

Parc Riviera Condo Clementi Mall

There are some great places to eat at this mall. The Xin Wang Hong Kong Café has some of the best coffee and other beverages in the area. The Sakae Sushi restaurant has fresh sushi that is made to order. There are a number of areas for quick shorts as well as the Doi Chaang Coffee shop.

Parc Riviera Japanese Garden

In addition to have having store the 321 Clementi has many other places for entertainment as well near Parc Riviera which is near to Japanese Garden and Jurong East Shopping Outlets. There is a fitness center to help a person get into shape. There is a Women’s clinic for wellness visits. There is also an aesthetic clinic that is open to the family. There is a hair salon for the family. There is even a learning center where children can go during the day while their parents are at work. Instead of going to a daycare this center provides education as well. There is also a cinema so that they can take a break and watch a movie.

Parc Riviera EL West Coast Vale

The 321 Clementi has many great stores and features for the entire family. This shopping center is easy to get to and will provide residents with everything that they need. These stores are top of the line and a person can get everything that they need at this center.

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