Forest Woods Serangoon Central Lorong Lew Lian

Those who are seeking an up and coming housing locating in central Singapore should check out the new Forest Woods. The location is central to many attractions, dining options and even a large shopping centre. Those who are residing in Forestwood will also have close proximity to public transportation. For families looking to move to the area, there are several wonderful schools close by.

Forest Woods CDL Condo

The condos at Forest Woods are well appointed and offer many amenities to those seeking a convenient and modern home with a great location. The residents of Forestwood will be able to enjoy beautiful landscaping with a pool and an outdoor tennis court. The facilities will also include an indoor and outdoor gym for those who are interested in fitness.

Forestwoods Lew Lian Serangoon

Those seeking outside entertainment can venture over to the nearby Nex Shopping Centre, which is a brief walk from the Forestwood location. The shopping centre features many popular shops, eateries and even has a library next door. There is also the nearby development of the Bidadari Estate which has great plans for the future. There will be many new amenities added to the facilities to ensure that all the new area residents have great opportunities for recreation and convenience.

Forest Woods Serangoon MRT Interchange

Families who are looking for a safe and modern family home will be pleased with everything Forest Woods has to offer. The children will have various forms of entertainment on the condo grounds along with nearby public transportation for the family to get around in the city. Using the close-by Serangoon Bus Interchange, they can easily move through the city with convenient stops at many favorite spots. Families will also have the choice of several great schools that are very near to the condos, including Yangzheng Primary School, Paya Lebar Methodist Girl’s School and Maris Stella High School.

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Forestwood Residences Lorong Lew Lian

A succession of principals have been dedicated to making the school even better, and ensure that the students excel at more than just exams. The school is keen to promote excellence in sporting activities, and other interests like the air and sea cadets at Lorong Lew Lian Forestwoods, or the St John’s Ambulance. All such activities are intended students develop as people instead of just been there to pass exams.

Forestwoods Lew Lian

The objective of the school is to equip its students for productive as well as successful careers as well adjusted adults. New principal Woo Soo Min is keen to carry on raising standards even higher, just as her predecessors had done. Former students have gone on to attend university and carve out good futures for themselves.
Overall then Maris Stella is a school worth enrolling on.

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Parc Riviera near Clementi Mall by EL Deveopment

There is a lot of shopping to be done in the country of Singapore. The 312 Clementi is a mall that is about to open. It is up and coming and will be in the neighborhood of Clementi. This shopping center will be in walking distance from the Clementi MRT Station near Parc Riviera condo so it will allow easy access to both local shoppers and will allow residents in the area to get everything that the need. The mall will also have a number of different places to eat at as well as discount and retail stores.

Parc Riviera Condo Clementi Mall

There are some great places to eat at this mall. The Xin Wang Hong Kong Café has some of the best coffee and other beverages in the area. The Sakae Sushi restaurant has fresh sushi that is made to order. There are a number of areas for quick shorts as well as the Doi Chaang Coffee shop.

Parc Riviera Japanese Garden

In addition to have having store the 321 Clementi has many other places for entertainment as well near Parc Riviera which is near to Japanese Garden and Jurong East Shopping Outlets. There is a fitness center to help a person get into shape. There is a Women’s clinic for wellness visits. There is also an aesthetic clinic that is open to the family. There is a hair salon for the family. There is even a learning center where children can go during the day while their parents are at work. Instead of going to a daycare this center provides education as well. There is also a cinema so that they can take a break and watch a movie.

Parc Riviera EL West Coast Vale

The 321 Clementi has many great stores and features for the entire family. This shopping center is easy to get to and will provide residents with everything that they need. These stores are top of the line and a person can get everything that they need at this center.

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Queens Peak Queenstown Shopping Centre

The Queensway Shopping Center is one of the oldest shopping malls in Singapore, it opened in 1976, and is located in Queenstown, Singapore. It is also one of the first multi-purpose shopping malls in Singapore.

Queens Peak Queenstown Shopping Centre

The Queensway Shopping Center Queens Peak is made up of four levels and includes a one story basement car park.This mall is unique in that there is a thirteen story apartment building, Queensway Tower, incorporated in the floor plan.

Queens Peak

The Queensway Shopping Center offers a variety of products, but focuses mainly on sporting goods, such as shoes, tennis rackets, other sports rackets, and sporting apparel, as well as leftovers from last seasons male fashions. They are well-known for their low prices; even on name brands items like sneakers and jerseys. This shopping center may not be the hottest and latest items in fashion, but they their items are a steal at these low prices. The Queensway Shopping Center even offers tailoring services right there in the mall. They offer a selection of eateries that offer real, authentic Singapore food, a state of the art seafood restaurant and quick snacks and other more.

Queens Peak MCC Land

The Queensway Shopping Center is a large, older mall with a variety of stores in Singapore. They offer an amazing variety of foods, as well as every name brand sneaker and other sporting goods and apparel. There is even an apartment tower!

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Anchorvale Crescent EC by Sim Lian

The Treasure Crest is one of the most exclusive apartments in all of Singapore. There is so much to do and see here. A person can lease an apartment here for up to 99 years, there are around 535units for people to live in and there are still some that are open for rent. There are some additional units that are yet to be released.

Treasure Crest EC

The Treasure Crest apartments are located in district D19 and there gross floor plan is 187,833 square feet. The apartments are close to many of the great amenities in the area including the Sengkang Mall as well as the Community Hospital. The apartment is only a short distance MRT Station.

These apartments are rather popular due to the location as well the floor plans. There is also ne need to pay for a resale levy on these apartments. The resale of these apartments varies from $30,000 to $50,000 depending on the size of the apartments. Potential owners can enjoy the close proximity to many location. Pretty soon the Waterway Point will be opening so that residents can enjoy this. The apartments are also close to the Springdale Primary School as well as the Compassvale Primary School which offers children a top quality education.

Treasure Crest Sim Lian EC

People that live at the Treasure Crest apartments can enjoy access to the Sengkang Recreation Centre. This centre allows people to have access to fast food 24 hours a day. There is also an indoor water park that features a number of water slides. This centre will allow residents to keep busy even when the weather is not the best.

The Treasure Crest apartment complex is a great place to live. There is a lot to do near the apartments and they is easy access to transportation. The Treasure Crest complex is a great place to live.

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Higher than Average Asking Prices

The presumed downtime in the real estate market has prompt some real estate agents to come up with tricks for a bigger commission.

To earn more money, some unscrupulous property agents in Malaysia are quoting a higher asking price than the seller’s actual selling price, according to an opinion piece by Melati Mohd Ariff, reported Malay Mail Online. “This situation has persisted for quite some time, with buyers at times falling victim to ruthless real estate agents,” said Ariff.

“It was when I stumbled upon an advertisement for a landed property bearing two different prices that I realised something (was) amiss. The property owner quoted RM80,000 (S$26,781) lower than the agent!”

In addition, Ariff reckons that only those earning a five-figure salary or more can afford to buy a house in Kuala Lumpur, especially landed property.

A check of online listings of freehold landed homes shows that properties in Malaysia’s capital are priced from RM800,000 (S$267,812). Most of these homes were built 20 to 30 years ago. It is indeed higher than the average listings out there and this is a clear indication that the asking prices are marked up by these agent

Ariff said: “A friend of mine told me that a two-storey house in (the suburb of) Setapak purchased over 20 years ago (as a second owner) for around RM300,000 (S$100,430) is now worth some RM1.2 million (S$401,757)!”

Residential property prices in the area have soared after malls were constructed and roads were upgraded.

“Another friend purchased a three-room condominium in Kuala Lumpur for RM190,000 (S$63,586) in 2003 and its estimated market value today is RM700,000 (S$234,373),” noted Ariff.

Ariff added that there are many online property listings featuring absurd asking prices.

For instance, a one-storey bungalow in the city-fringe has an asking price of around RM400,000 to RM500,000 (S$133,921 to S$167,401). But if a buyer were to view it, he or she would be shocked to learn that it’s just a dilapidated wooden house standing on a freehold land site.

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Mortgage Listings on the Rise

It seems that there are more units available in the market that are put up for sale due to owners not being able to keep up with the mortgage payments due to rising interest rates as well as a slowing economy.

The economic slowdown and soft leasing market has led to staff cuts, which caused some affected homeowners to have difficulty financing their mortgages, revealed a DTZ Research report. This has prompted new auction listings for mortgagee sales to soar 85 percent to 87 units in 2015 from 47 units in the year before, stated the report. The number of auction listings for owners’ sale also surged to 135 properties last year from 77 properties in 2014.

“Given that properties that command higher price quantum tend to move slower in a quiet market, owners use auctions as an avenue to hasten disposal, so as to release their housing equity,” said DTZ. Moreover, the report noted that more landed properties and large apartments were put up for auction in the year. The number of landed properties listed for auction climbed to 53 units in 2015 from 39 units previously, while the number of apartments with a strata area above 2,000 sq ft rose from 17 units to 40.

However, buyers may not be too receptive of the new listings as the asking prices of the auction units are still high and a general correction is needed on the asking prices of these units

DTZ expects more choice homes to enter the auction market, given the recent equity sell-off in response to signals of an economic slowdown in Japan and China. “Sudden shocks in the equity markets tend to be a precursor for more auction listings, as owners need to adjust their financial position. This will offer prospective home buyers a window of opportunity to acquire homes at reasonable prices,” said Dr Lee Nai Jia, DTZ’s Head of SEA Research. It is also hope that first timers might get a better offer in Woodlands Northwave as Woodlands is an area that is slower in transactions and far away from the city.

In fact, DTZ’s upcoming auction on 25 February will showcase several luxury homes, including a 4,219 sq ft cluster bungalow in District 21 and two adjacent penthouses in District 15. Other listings include two split penthouses at the five-storey Veranda apartment development. Located along Lorong K Telok Kurau, just off East Coast Road, each unit has an indicative valuation of between $1.3 million and $1.6 million.

“Under current market conditions, it is difficult to acquire a good quality home through private treaty as the price gap between buyers and sellers tend to be wide due to mismatch of expectations. There are fewer good units available too as owners of such units will wait for the market to rebound first. Hence, auctions this year offer buyers a window of opportunity to seek choice homes at reasonable prices,” said Joy Tan, DTZ’s Head of Auction.

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