Jade Scape Qingjian Realty Marymount MRT Station Site and Floor Plans

Jade Scape which was formally known as Shunfu Ville Enbloc is the largest condominium developed by Qingjian Realty and is located along Shunfu road. Jade Scape is a private establishment and is just 200 meters away from Marymount station (MRT). Junction 8 which one of the poplar shopping centers is next to Bishan Marymount station interchange. Junction 8 is a popular shopping Centre due to its variety of retail shops and a good number of entertainment outlets such as best Denki and Golden village cinema. Junction 8 is one of the best shopping malls in Singapore leading to the expansion process that was done in the year 2004.

Jade Scape Condo Shunfu Ville Enbloc at Marymount MRT Station

Jade Scape Shunfu Ville Condo is primly located in the Bishan area next to the Marymount station making it a popular residential center. Jade Scape Shunfu Ville has many facilities within the premises for the residents to indulge in in their day to day lives. Some of the facilities availed for Jade’s residents are: a 50-meter swimming pool, an indoor gym, an outdoor fitness center and a tennis court.

Qingjian Realty who invested a hefty amount of money to by Jade Scape Marymount MRT Station speculate that the site would yield up to 1000 unit which would be a breakthrough for the company. The location Shunfu Ville in Bishan is a very popular site that would attract investors. Research shows that such popular sites have a great growth potential. Enbloc count be rebuilt as it is peculated by market watchers.

Jade Scape Condo Floor and Site Plans Qinjian Realty

Apart from real estate development, Qingjian Realty invests in construction projects besides Jade Scape Enbloc Marymount as well as in logistics both internationally and locally. Being pioneers in real estate development in china, Qingjian Realty successfully completed the turnkey contract. Due to this accomplishment, Qingjian Realty was awarded the National Quality Management Award. Qingdao city award Qingjian the Mayor Quality Award of Qingdao city which was the first award of its kind. Qingjian is proud of more than 300 awards awarded to them just within china. Qingjian have been successfully instrumental in the development of residential centers and commercial properties in many China’s cities including Beijing and Jinan. Other major development contracts completed by Qingjian Realty are: RiverParc residence Punggol, Nin residence Potong Pasir, Riversound residences and Natura Loft Bishan.

Qingjian Realty Jade Scape Prices Singapore

Qingjian has been planning to venture into smart apartments to encourage good neighborliness. Another adjustment that Qingjian is planning to make is introducing digital platforms in estates built to enable neighbors to interact with each other. Qingjian reputation has improved therefore earning the company a National Workers Vanguard. Qingjian Realty now seeks to cater for the living needs of Singapore’s residents by building digitized apartments.

Raffle Institution is a prestigious learning institution which is just a few minutes’ walk from Jade Scape enbloc. This institution encourages its student to bring out their full potential. Being near Jade Scape Marymount MRT Station, the students living Jade Scape Condo will have an easy time going to school in the morning and coming back home in the evenings after school. Another advantage that would be enjoyed by the residents of Jade Scape is that there are a number of buses operating from Jade Scape Qingjian Realty that would take you directly to Bishan. Thomas plaza which is a shopping center is located just near Jade Scape giving Jade Scape residents an easy time while going for shopping.

Jade Scape Shunfu owners should rejoice due to the presence of many shopping centers. Shunfu food center is also located next to the development.

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