Kopar at Newton Near to Newton MRT Station

There is no question that real estate development in Singapore is a tremendously huge business. New condominiums and apartments continue to spring up almost daily, and one of the newest examples is present in the Newton neighborhood. Kopar at Newton promises to be a truly prime piece of real estate for several different reasons:

Kopar at Newton Near to the Newton MRT Station.

This is extremely convenient to those who have to commute for their job. It also is quite useful for those who have property next to the MRT station. According to a recent survey, property that was within at least 600 meters of an MRT station had an average value at least 6% higher than other real estate options.

Kopar at Newton by CELH Development Singapore

The residents at this potential development will have the benefit of various shopping malls, such as the Newton Hawker Centre. They also will have the option of some great leisure time with a number of fabulous upscale restaurants nearby.

The Kopar land area truly has the possibility to be something truly special. It has the potential for a 436-unit development on this Kampong Java site. Moreover, Kopar has the added benefit of being the largest plot of land next to the MRT station. Most of the other land tracts encompass a very small area.

Kopar at Newton Site and Floor Plans at Kampong Java Road

This development area also has some very unique facilities on-site. They have a function house, a guard room, a clubhouse, indoor gym, a 50-metre swimming pool, a BBQ pit, a relaxing sundeck, and a playground for the youngsters.

Chip Eng Seng Corporation had the top bid of $418.8 million for this Kampong Java plot of land. While they purchased it for just $1,192 psr ppr, they are selling it for a lower price of between $1,900 to $2,000 psf in the hopes of quickly attracting a buyer.

Kopar is going to be a great development for senior citizens.

When it comes to senior citizens, this Kopar development is going to have a lot of factors going for it. First of all, this is the first development that has been constructed under Singapore’s new amendment requirement of living arrangements being increased from 70 square meters to 85 square meters. This means that senior residents will have an easier time getting around at this complex over other living options. Moreover, this complex to several notable medical facilities, including the Novena Medical Centre and the Novena Medical Cluster.

All in all, this new development is definitely a step in the right direction for the real estate situation in Greater Singapore and Kampong Java.

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